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   In every Dispensation God raises men with specific purposes Joshua, David etc, who literally turned their world upside down with the impact made through the pursuit of their purpose.

In Decades past, men like: Nappolon Hill, the great Sir Isaac Newton, the Wright brothers, Sir Michael Faraday, Abraham Lincoln, Mirie Curie, Helen Celles, Adolf Hitler, Socrate, Aristotle the great philosopher and of course the like of Alexander the great, etc are example of men  attended high level of historical impact through the discovering and pursuit of purpose.

Today, God by his grace has raised a vibrant purposeful young man, in the person of  Prince Emmanuel to facilitate the grooming and raising of people considered to be ordinary to become productive icons and structures that makes an extra- ordinary impact.

Prince Emmanuel  is presently the resident pastor of Demonstration Chapel Int”l, Abuja Worhip Center, Nigeria. he has served in several successful leadership and business institutions. He is a Professional Maximum Performance Consultant since 2008, Motivational speaker on TV and Radio, Trianer/ facilitator  of  Powerminds Community, CEO- Vision Builders Motivating Enterprises, International Certified Project Manager and  Author of: OVERCOMING SEXUAL PRESSURE; HOW TO EXCEL ANYWHERE; MANAGING YOUR POTENTIALS, BREAK THAT LIMIT AND ANSWER THAT CALL .

He is also the team manager of TABITHA foundation, and the convener of a bi-monthly mentoring program for single: HOPE FOR SINGLES. He has trained over hundreds of young people amongst whom are, business giant, Public speakers, Pastors, Church workers etc.

Prince Emmanuel is an author of five (5) books. He is a special guest speaker to different youth forum and shows every year discussing how people can improve their lives and succeed anywhere by transforming the way they think and building better  and successful thoughts. He is a motivational speaker,prolific writer and preacher of the gospel. He has special interest in Human Capacity Building and ICT. Etuk is from Nigeria, he is dedicated to Success Motivation, Relationship, Finance and Team Building and adds value to the diverse people living across Africa.


3 thoughts on “Prince emmanuel

  1. Ephesians 5:16

    Pastor Emmanuel: Thanks for the “like” on our blog. You have certainly chosen a topic to write about that is relevant to most (if not all) Christian men who struggle to maintain sexual purity. I look forward to your spiritual insights on this topic.


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